Where Do All The Lonely Socks Go?

We could blame a gremlin in the washing machine, hungry radiators, or a rogue fairy who has a fruitful sideline in sleeping bags for trolls… But in all seriousness, where do they all go?


We purchased 14 pairs of socks for the 4-year-old about 5 months ago, and here are the remnants… 11 pairs of odd socks. Not one matches. At least it’s been warm so we’ve been able to send her to school barefoot, but it’ll be a real issue come September.

As it turns out, this mysterious sock gobbler has also been feeding on the baby’s snack-sized offerings. At least they left us with one pair out of 14…


We’d like to think the match for each of these solo socks are congregating somewhere, shooting the breeze and making each other feel purposeful and appreciated. That they’re not entirely on their todd, even if it feels like it 95% of the time.

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