Self Catering? You’ll Be Wanting One of These, So…

If you’re expecting reviews of products, you’ve (sort of) come to the right place. We might also throw in the odd TV review (makes sense as I never leave the house / used to do it in a previous life) and I can only dream of attending restaurants and hotels to review, so expect some semi-lucid ramblings regarding that also.

In the interim, let’s turn our attentions to this miniature paddling pool. It was purchased for the tidy sum of €4.99 in a supermarket on a recent hollier. It may only looking like a humble paddling pool, in which the chisler could cool down in an array of settings (pool side, beach side, indoors), but it had a duel life.

May we present to you – The Gorge Pool…


No high chair in your self catering abode? Never fear – Gorge Pool is here! Here, I’m a mother on a budget intent on not cleaning up after ANYONE on “holiday”; it pays to be resourceful.

As you can see, we made a rookie mistake and left her clothed the first time; she was relegated to just a nappy during subsequent feedings.

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