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Memes of The Week! Volume 1…

You could get lost in a Facebook wormhole for all eternity, or you could just let me do that for you and come here once a week for the face-achingly accurate memes from the funniest parents on the internet.

And apologies if you’re experiencing some random spacing issues while viewing this page; WordPress has a bug whereby Facebook embeds appear either too wide or on top of each other, especially while on mobile devices. I’ve been badgering the “Happiness Engineers” (their actual title) to fix it but, alas, to no avail as yet. They tried getting me to change this sites theme from ‘Dara’ to another design that didn’t have the same issue, to which I laughed manically for several minutes ’cause it takes FORVER TO DO ANYTHING WHEN YOU’RE A PARENT.

Indeed most of them are American (and by the hilarious Ramblin’ Mama), so feel free to try your own. Just drop us a line and get it featured here. Or just keep it to yisserselves. Whatever.

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