Veg Smuggling 101 – Carrot Goujons

Before you start thinking we’re all going to batter and deep fry a load of carrots, that’s not going to happen. While most kids will only eat things that are swaddled in bread crumbs, most will draw the line at carrots clearly in disguise. So let’s disguise them a different way.

What you will need…

1) Half a bowl of finely grated carrot (nope, we’re not doing grams here; I only speak in cups, bowls and spoons)
2) Half a bowl of breadcrumbs. Don’t bother buying them, just get a child to break up a few slices of bread (brown, white, it doesn’t matter). If you haven’t purchased the all important hand blender/food processor yet – don’t fear – you can just ask the child to break up the broken up bits et voila, breadcrumbs.
3) Either mayonnaise or greek yoghurt depending on what you’re into.
4) You can either dice chicken breasts, use chicken mini fillets (if said child doesn’t mind gnawing through sinewy bits) or fish fillets – depending on whether you want chicken goujons or fish fingers.
5) Some seasoning, preferably garlic granules.


1) Turn oven on to 180.
2) Tip the grated carrot into the bowl of breadcrumbs. Mix with a spoon and add half a teaspoon of garlic granules and a dash of either rapeseed, olive or sunflower oil, whatever you have handy.
3) Smear your chicken or fish pieces in either mayo or Greek yoghurt.
4) Plop each piece into the bowl of breadcrumbs and grated carrot, toss around until covered, and then place directly onto a very slightly oiled baking tray.
5) Stick into the oven for approximately 20 minutes (maybe 15mins if its fish)
6) Watch your child eat carrot. Kind of.

If you have any of the carrot breadcrumbs left over, bung into a sandwich bag and stick in the freezer. You can apply them directly from frozen sometime in the future (you might have to hammer it with a wooden spoon for a bit to break them up, but consider it mild stress relief)

True, any nutritional value contained in the finely chopped carrot has probably been incinerated in the oven, but it still makes you feel proactive regarding their “five a day.”

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