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Wineport Lodge – Frazzled Parents Need to Go.

And this deal makes it possible…

Imagine waking up to this of a morning. You may be bleary-eyed from the flood of fancy gins Wineport Lodge have in their arsenal (pleasedrinkresponsibly etc etc), but it wouldn’t be long before the breeze from the Shannon gently blasts the cobwebs from the brain.


Last weekend, myself and a herd of friends did what we have failed to do for over 5 years; all get away for the night sans children. Our destination of choice was dictated first by money (permanently smashed) and second by location. Athlone is pretty central (the ladies venturing from the southern part of the country would state otherwise), and the price was fairly accessible thanks to this pretty amazing offer via LuxuryBreaks.ie

Yes, it’s one of those mid-week scenarios, but it includes Sunday, and therefore something to consider. Especially when said deal includes Bed and Breakfast in a lake view room…

… Which was particularly handy for quaffing wine in the enclosed gazebo; so much wine that myself and the roomie took to hoisting the leg over our balcony to gain access our room instead of entering the conventional way. It may not be the most appropriate thing to do, but when you head away with school friends old habits die hard.

Also included in the deal is tea/coffee and scones whenever you choose to brandish your voucher, as well as unfettered access to the ENTIRE menu at dinner time. Indeed there is no set menu (when we were there anyway…), so you could get the seafood platter to start, the biggest steak going, followed by dessert.


Other points worth noting is firstly, the room amenities – Have you ever stayed in a room that boasted chocolates on arrival, a jar of homemade brownies, REAL COFFEE avec plunger, a humongous supply of cotton pads, and access to your very own seaweed bath? Me neither.

Fancy a boat ride along the Shannon courtesy of a lovely man called Terry? Visit BarracudaBoattrips.com. He provides a venue with stunning views, bringing relaxation and the notion that you’re doing something proactive while drinking.

All of the above, coupled with the warmth of the hosts, the attention to detail, the fact we could order our dinner while still sat in the bar, and the fact that they dressed our dinner table (THE dinner table, if you’re viewers of ‘The Restaurant’) in classy birthday attire and sang Happy Birthday to all 7 of us, made us feel extremely privileged.

Of course, when we landed home, everyone was still alive. In fact, the husband casually mentioned that he managed to bath the kiddies (after a Spud incident in the bed #poobomb), put on two washes, hoover the stairs AND gloat all in the space of 24 hours. What a trooper. That technically means I should be able to escape to Wineport for two days next time.

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