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Ever Tried Baby Feet Facials?

At the risk of coming across a bit weird(er); just wanted to share an activity that I’ve been partaking in for the last year that brings immense joy.

You will need one thing – a baby with feet. Preferably one not covered in shit. Obviously, it goes without saying, but this baby must be your baby. Otherwise, you’ll be arrested.

OK, so most nappy changes, I hold on to my 1-year-old’s trotters and gently drag both of them down my face, feeling the softness of feet that have yet to walk a single step, while marvelling at just how the nooks of those tiny toes still manage to have the bang of feet off them when essentially they’ve done NOTHING to date.


And then I repeat feet to face dragging, usually until she starts rabbit kicking me in the chin.

Seriously, it’s a beautiful thing. Give it a try. And that’s coming from someone who usually heaves at the sight of feet.

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