Five Aims for the Week: Rogue Feet, Four-Year-Olds & Cheerios

Welcome to Mammy’s Midweek Mandate; it happens when I’m too busy drowning in a relentless sea of excel sheets (paid work) to post the usual stuff of a Monday.

So, without further ado, here are the lofty goals for the next seven days.

1) Try to post more newsworthy content, unlike this one about baby feet.
2) Enjoy more baby feet facials.
3) Try not to lose your shit whenever you step on a rogue Cheerio; the 4-year-old is starting to use her arsenal of swear words in public places.
4) Don’t stand there sniggering uncontrollably the next time said daughter repeatedly bellows ‘AH BALLACKS!’ in the middle of TK Maxx.
5)  Return to TK Maxx Carrickmines at some point in the future. Preferably when everyone who currently works there has moved on.

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