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Five Aims for the Week: Breathing… Just Breathing…

At the risk of sounding like the start of a vitamin supplement ad; with life as busy as it is, it’s easy to forget and neglect yourself. August is traditionally a time when you kick back and enjoy your ‘holliers’, but that isn’t always that easy. Especially with summer break cabin fever setting in…

1) Take five minutes (even one minute) to just sit still with your eyes closed. I know what you’re thinking; “YEAH, LIKE I’VE GOT TIME FOR THAT SHIT” but everyone can find 60 consecutive seconds. Breathe deeply, concentrating on that breath. Focusing on your toes and your finger tips, bring that breath into your belly, breathing in for three seconds and breathing out for four (always exhale longer than you inhale).

2) Once the screaming and yelling of “MAMMY!” outside the toilet door has stopped, emerge slowly and just focus on what needs doing in the next hour. If that’s too mind-boggling, just focus on the next 5 minutes. Everything else can wait. Write down what needs to be done; don’t get overwhelmed, the list is just there to remind you. Just focus on that one thing, everything else can wait.

3) If you feel rage, panic, or apathy bubble to the surface, swipe it left and just take a deep breath and slowly wiggle your toes.

4) Breathe.

5) Breeeeeathe.

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