Five Aims: Digital Detoxes & Back To School Nerves…

Seriously going to have to change this to ‘Monthly Mandate’ at this rate – but there’s a valid excuse. We’ve been away in a glorious black hole of communication in the wiles of Wexford for the last four days (with no fecking tweezers. Rage)


Anyway, it was totally worth it – for two reasons. Firstly, the setting… Sure the entire place was only covered in shells AND perched on a cliff edge.

And secondly, not being able to constantly hover over your phone can only be a good thing. So, without further ado…

1) Indulge in more Digital Detoxes. They are good for the mind and soul. Unfortunately, they’re also bad for business but it’s about finding the balance. FIND THE BLOODY BALANCE.

2) Don’t get freaked to bits about the 4-year-old starting Big School next week… there is still plenty of time to get used to the idea/learn more than one packed lunch and therefore avoid/defer the judgement.

3) Try not to tear one’s hair out at the thought of having the 1-year-old swinging out of you once the 4-year-old is gone all morning and not around to play Big Sister.

4) Try to remember that breathing thing.

5) Also, remember to turn the heating off if you ever go away during the “summer” again… spiders clearly flourish in the heat. It spanned the entire pint glass.

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