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Living With Anxiety Summed Up In One Image…

I’m often asked what it’s like living with anxiety. While there’s a rake load of self-help books, Facebook videos, venn diagrams, graphs, works of art, word bombs and more doing the rounds explaining the condition, below is the perfect depiction of what GAD (generalised anxiety disorder) actually feels like…


Yep, and there it is… Oooooh, you’ve been driving with the hand brake on again. But what’s this? The fecking “check engine” light is also on. You think everything is fine, everything looks fine on the outside, but there’s something lurking under yer bonnet. Something not quite right, something that needs attention, but – screw it – you’ve not got the time or money for a diagnostics test so you’ll just keep running the car until something actually happens.

This is never a good idea, but who goes straight to the garage the moment the Check Engine light comes on? You’re too busy, surely you can keep the car running for a while longer before addressing it? Best turn a blind eye, you don’t have time, there are so many other things to ruminate on.


After a while, you stop making long journeys/venturing out at all because it’s just less hassle, it’s the best way to avoid a potential breakdown.

Next thing you know, the one time you do go out, you’re on a dark lonely road, perhaps a child screaming in the back, you’re all exhausted, and the car does the inevitable. It breaks down. Well, bound to happen – the “check engine” light’s been on for months now… You’ve been ignoring it, mainly cause it’s always there, annoying you, and you wanted to defy it, give it the finger because your CAR IS RUNNING JUST FINE. But deep down, you know it’s not.

In short, check your friggin’ engine on a regular basis… No time is a good time.

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