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Can’t Sleep? There’s a 5 Minute Mantra For That…

Rest in natural great sleep. This exhausted mind, beaten helplessly by karma and neurotic thought… and a relentless “to do” list of never-ending all-consuming SHIIIIIIIITTTEE.

Assuming you’re lucky enough to have children that sleep at night; there is nothing more upsetting than lying in bed, listening to everyone snooze around you. You should be asleep too. But you can’t. Too much coffee? Overtiredness? A subconscious decision to not bother sleeping because someone is bound to wake you up in about two hours anyway? Brain being a bastard? Whatever the reason, there is nothing more frustrating than not sleeping when you’re actually able to.


Sure haven’t you been mumbling that you’re “going to bed at 9pm tonight” since approximately 7am? Only to suddenly spring into life at 8:55pm because – joy of joys – the kids are asleep, there’s some “weekend wine” left and sure one episode of (insert here) wouldn’t hurt, hah?

Next thing, it’s midnight, you’re dragging a baby wipe across your face while using Play Dough cookie cutters to hone heart shapes into the child’s ham and cheese sandwich ’cause it’s the only fecking way she’ll eat the bastard thing in school.

When you do finally hit the pillow, the head is whirring with all the other stuff you’ve left ’til the morning because you had to have grown up time – an entire hour of it – and now you’ve got this, and this, and this too, and that thing from five years ago you need to feel bad about; throw in a few additional hypothetical horrors into the mix and you’ve got yourself some proper instant insomnia… NOT. ANY. MORE.

All it takes is five minutes and you don’t even have to be upright. Below is a magical meditation by Tibetan Master Sogyal Rinpoche along with Rumi quotes (you can’t bayht a bit of Rumi) that helps your mind unwind. All you have to do is let yourself listen.

If you prefer your Tibetan meditations to come with added visuals of waterfalls, peaceful fields, floating buddhas, and raindrops, knock yerself out with this one…

Either way, it’s time for sleep. Let yourself sleep. You deserve to sleep. Anything you need to do can be thought about tomorrow because now it’s time for sleep. And you deserve to sleep.


Thank you, Claire, for this moment of zen. 

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