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Aldi’s Feckin’ Fantastic Skin Care Range is Back…

Who bought all the ‘Le Mara’ in Aldi today?! Meeeeeeeee! Having missed the boat a number of times when Aldi’s much-lauded hand-harvested antioxidant-rich seaweed range is back as a Special Buy. Let’s be clear, yours truly is an absolute sucker for Aldi’s Special Buys – kids bedding; toddler travel cot; Avent soothers that don’t cost €7 quid; sure where else would you get it?! When I landed home one week with an array of coastal trinkets for the house (essential) a moratorium was imposed… but this was different. This was just for Mammy.


Yesterday, I treated myself to Le Mara’s Youth Eye Cream. Usually, the skin around the eyes resemble the slightly chilly undercarriage of a middle-aged man in the morning on account of a) currently having a house full of snot bombs and teething mouths and b) when I do sleep, it’s usually face down buried between two pillows in an attempt to block out the world.

This morning, however, the lines that usually creep out from the eyelashes down towards my ears weren’t nearly as craggy. No word of a lie, the crepe paper skin was noticeably firmer and no amount of squinting was making the lines reappear to the same extent. T’WAS A MIRACLE. And to be honest, I’ve been doing a lot of squinting since the emergence of child no.2. Maybe it’s the meds setting the jowls to a perma-gurn, but my face for the last two years has a constant expression of “Hah??” Like, “You want me to do what now? At this time? Hah??”

Below is the obligatory “before and after” shot. As you can see there’s nary a screed of make up or retouching going on, although the husband keeps saying “definitely looks like you’re squinting more in the first pic.”

The fact that one application of cream had made any difference to the eyes after years of ‘Hah?? Face’ – coupled with a diet comprising of wine, coffee and chocolate – is nothing short of a wonder. Yet again, to clarify, neither Aldi nor Le Mara is paying for these views, it’s just something that’s worth sharing (especially if your skin regime to date has devolved into dragging a baby wipe across your face until it burns).

Given this amazing result, I made haste to the local Aldi before the school run and bought this little haul. And all for under twenty nicker in total.


It includes another eye cream (obvs), the day face cream, the facial scrub (with crushed jojoba seeds as opposed to bits of plastic that ain’t good for the environment), the Hyaluronic Gel Face Serum (no idea what that is, but it sounds the job), and The Miracle Facial Oil (which you can use everywhere by all accounts). All come in recyclable packaging with no nasty “mirage” surprises; there’s nothing worse than forking out a shedload for a moisturiser and finding the tub has an indent you could thrust a thumb into. Where’s the rest of my moisturiser, Godnammit!

Given all the products are made using “sea algae extracts, hand harvested in the West of Ireland” it puts the prices for the below product kind of into perspective. Just sayin’…

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 21.13.16
Aldi’s Le Mara range is currently in outlets – while stocks last. If you live in Dublin’s Sallynoggin area, get there quick; the rate the husband is lashing through the ‘Youth Eye Cream’ I’ll be clearing the place out tomorrow.

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