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Sponge/Brush Guzzling All Your Foundation? There’s a ‘MakeupDrop’ For That…

Yes. It looks like a miniature chicken fillet for a particularly tiny bra, but therein lies one of its many selling points. It’s silicon. It’s easy to grip. It doesn’t absorb ANY of your foundation, meaning you literally only require a drop and will, therefore, save a fortune.

Before we get to the Pros and Cons list, here is the mandatory blurb for those of you interested in facts…

“Hot off the shores of the USA and selling 20 units per 60 seconds (in fact when MakeupDropTM was used at the Grammy’s and Swag awards it sold 100K in under 3 days), MakeupDrop is used on major red carpet events worldwide and has appeared on global TV shows, and is currently in Boots stores nationwide for €18. MakeupDrop is the Original Silicone Makeup Applicator. Unlike sponge blenders which soak up large amounts of makeup during application, MakeupDrop has been designed to completely eliminate wasted makeup. Made from a non-toxic and paraben-free silicone, high-quality material (tested by SGS), it can even be placed in the fridge or freezer to reduce puffiness around the eyes!”


1 • The aforementioned cooling effect is pretty damn lovely of an evening/morning.
2 • It’s far less stinky than rubbing a clammy sponge or a claggy brush across your nose.
3 • All you have to do to clean it is wash and wipe – unlike traditional sponges and brushes that require drying on a radiator and invariably get chewed on by a little person at some point.
4 • You only use half the amount of makeup. Usually, I’d have to reapply at least two more drops to my hand when using a brush.
5 • It lasts longer than any other makeup sponge.
6 • It can be used for primer, foundation, powder, cream blush, lippie…


1 • Being honest, I found the sensation of rubbing a miniature chicken fillet across my face quite strange. So did the children.
2 • It took longer than usual to blend the foundation, and I like the finish a brush gives (given yours truly has quite the face foliage/beard so much blending is required), but maybe it’s just a case of practice makes perfect.
3 • I’ve nowhere to put it in the makeup bag, a little carry case for my tiny boob would be great, especially as the one-year-old seems to have a glint in her eye about using it as a teething device – but that’s just a serious case of nitpickage.


OK, so there you have it, the pros seriously outweigh the cons when it comes to MakeupDrop; it’s twenty quid well spent. Get these Christmas (yep, said the ‘C’ word) stocking fillers while they last!!

To see how to use it as an applicator, have a gander at this, but really it’s self-explanatory.

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