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Surviving Ophelia: Ten Things to Consider This Morning

Yesterday was like Christmas Eve… Not taking the eerie silence into account; bread, batteries and booze were filling most shopping trollies hurtling around the shop I was in. A poor cashier at one point roared at her manager “Ah JAYSIS Johnny, make it stop, it’s bedlam in here!”

We’ve been advised not to go outside all day, but if it’s still eerily calm in your neck of the woods, here are a few bits you may consider getting – assuming your nearby shop is open.

Batteries – for torches, LED candles, fairy lights, CHILDREN’S TOYS.
Charge Everything NOW – iPads, portable DVD players, phones, laptops. There may be power outages.
Bread – if the leccy does go, you may be eating your own weight in perishable cooked meats on the wane in your fridge.
• Fill many receptacles with water. Our water supply may be fine now, but no one’s sure what will happen later today.
• If you don’t have booze for tonight, you may have missed the boat there…


Fire Supplies – again, if the leccy goes your boiler won’t be working, so it may be a day for the fire.
Don’t open windows/doors – obviously if/when things get really bad, batton down the hatches. You don’t want to create any wind tunnels in the house.
Bring in everything from your garden – garden furniture, toys, rubbish bins, anything that the wind can use as a missile.
• Do not be lulled into a false sense of security.
It may be calm where you are now, but Met Eireann is advising that ALL parts of the country will get strongly hit with hurricane force winds (110 – 150kph) for about three to four hours today.

Again, if you don’t have some of the items suggested, NOTHING is worth going outside for today.

According to IrelandAM: If you’re in Cork/Kerry – remain indoors from now. For the rest of Munster –  remain indoors from 9am. Galway and South Leinster – remain indoors from midday. The rest of Leinster/Dublin – remain indoors from 1pm as Ophelia tracks across the country. North Connacht and Ulster – remain indoors from 3pm.

Again, getting into work won’t be a problem – it’s GETTING HOME that’s the issue. Remember a few years back when we had a bit of snow in Dublin, public transport was cancelled and people had to walk home from town…

Stay safe, and the very best of luck keeping the kiddies entertained today. Might I suggest laundry dens and lots of floor picnics. Always a winner.


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