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Ten Easy Ways to Cut Down on Disposable Plastic…

Everything seems to be swaddled in some form of cellophane or unrecyclable plastic. It seems unavoidable; for example, how can you buy a punnet of raspberries from a supermarket without unrecyclable plastic being involved? Presumably, cardboard is too expensive or something…

Anyway, don’t be deflated, there are a few things you can do to start cutting down on the plastic intake – because you don’t have enough to be doing. You can either watch the below FB video chronicling what to do (because there aren’t nearly enough Facebook videos out there telling you what you should and should not be doing)…

… or, alternatively, feel free to read the following. Yes, this is preachy, it could be considered sanctimonious, and are we all not doing a good enough job keeping various people alive already?! No. It would seem we’re not doing a good enough job minding the planet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the convenience… and then I had kids, and was even more consumed with convenience. And then I saw a seahorse dancing with a cotton bud.

1. Still haven’t got yer bags for life sorted? It’s only been years. Just leave a few in your car boot, or keep a cloth one balled up in the bottom of your handbag.

2. Facial/body scrubs used to be made with crushed peach pits or jojoba seeds. Then someone obviously decided that tiny plastic beads were more cost effective. These microplastics are being found in fish. Mostly because the fish are mistaking the plastic particles for food.

3. Speaking of cleansing products; how many plastic bottles of handwash do you go through a year? Solution? Switch back to soap. “Oh, but I need a soap dish”. You may have a shell knocking around if you went to the beach over the summer.

Who actually needs a straw? Apart from the very, very young, or the very, very infirmed? Even then, try and use paper ones. In short, avoid straws.

5. Stop using coffee pods. Yeah, you spent a fortune on the fancy machine, and the coffee does taste really nice with all the crema, but plungers are the way to go.

6. Ditch the disposable coffee cups (ya hear, Nescafe Azera ‘Coffee to Go’?!) for a reusable Keep Cup.


7. Avoid plastic cutlery. Dive in with the digits!

8. You’re obviously doing this one already; avoid buying bottled water. Either filter your tap water, chill your tap water, or splash out on a Sodastream for the fizzy shizzle – either way, stick it into a reusable bottle.

9. Drop disposable razors.

10. Last but not least, try replacing your plastic toothbrush. This one is the hardest as I’ve not seen an abundance of bamboo toothbrushes. Still, they do exist…

Should you require further motivation, just think of your grandchildren and how they may never be able to swim in the sea…

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