Mammy’s Christmas Wishlist…

We don’t ask for much. And what we asked for five years ago may not still apply today… This year, things are particularly tight, so here’s what would go down a STORM under the tree.

• A voucher for private poo.
• An uninterrupted shower.
• A day without questions.
• A lie in past the universal 10am cut off point.
• Breakfast in bed. Like a proper breakfast, maybe some bacon and toast beside the hardboiled egg you could bounce off a wall.


• A day without judgements, expectations or “nagging”.
• A surprise night away.
• A day to be me.
• Another day to recover from being me.

You get the picture. OH – pictures, of me. Maybe a picture of me taking a picture of the kids to remind them of who took all their baby pictures.

Merry Christmas.

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