Mammy to Partake in ‘First Fortnight’ Panel

Not just this mammy. Presumably, there’ll be lots of mammies attending Gilly O’Shea’s play Sally Denver Matthews, Sleep Deprived Mother given it’ll resonate with the legion of sleep-deprived parents out there not taking care of themselves during this, the darkest two weeks for many.

Fear not, for First Fortnight has returned again this year to challenge mental health prejudice through cultural action. Its aim is to make the First Fortnight of each year synonymous with mental health awareness, challenging prejudice and ending the stigma and the relentless “mystery” surrounding mental health in this country. How? By facilitating a conversation via the arts.

Why may this be relevant to you? You may know someone who’s finding parenting tricky. You may be the person who’s finding it tricky. You may not be a parent but considering being one someday and need to see it’s not all sunshine and lollipops. This is where Gilly O’Shea’s one-woman play hopefully comes in.


Here’s the blurby bit…

“Sally + Stephen + 2 bottles of Malbec = Heidi. Heidi has only been around for six months, but she is already in charge… An unexpected pregnancy has changed Sally’s life. But at least she still gets to see her friends (in photos) and to wash her hair (but not condition it). Mum, mam, madre, mutter… whatever you go by, it’s the most difficult job you’ll ever have. This humorous one-woman show, written and performed by Gilly O Shea, will premiere as part of First Fortnight 2018.”

The play runs from Friday 12th – 14th at St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services, James Street, D8, and Kildare’s Riverbank Arts Centre thereafter.

I’m not going to rush the stage and start doing an interpretative dance, rather I’m going to be part of a post-play panel on Saturday, January 13th at 1pm. I’ll be the one with all the Immodium in her bag. Why? Because not enough people are willing to overshare about their postnatal depression. And I get really nervous about public speaking.

C’mon, it’s the perfect excuse to get away from the kids for an afternoon (sort of).

Tickets can be booked here.

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