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Listen Back: Mammy on ‘Sunday Breakfast with Alison Curtis’

The lovely Alison Curtis was kind enough to let me burble on about MakeMeAMammy.ie during a very enjoyable conversation with her that aired last weekend on Today FM. Why all the stumble tripping? It was a Sunday morning and I clearly hadn’t quaffed enough coffee… If you fancy having a wee listen to us discussing the site, while I say “eeeh, eeeeh, um, eh, I suffer from anxiety (clearly), eeeeeh, uuuuugh” a lot, the podcast is available here via Alison’s Weekend Breakfast show page.

Before you head off, I’d like to snatch the opportunity to, firstly, say thanks to Alison for having me on; it was a huge privilege given she’s a lifeline for parents every weekend (plus I’ve been a fan since her Last Splash days). Secondly, say thanks to everydone who got in touch via social media and the Contact/Help Page in the wake of the interview.

See? We’re not alone!!!


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