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We Gave RosehipPLUS a Whirl. Some Findings…

If like yours truly, the skin on your face has been reduced to sandpaper since the birth of your children, you may find this find handy. Plus, if you also have a couple of C Sections under your belt, this stuff kicks the arse off my previous MUST HAVE for post and prenatal care – that being Sweet Almond Oil. Although it has to be said, you get more bang for your buck using the latter. Clocking in at around €28 for your 50ml bottle, RosehipPLUS could be considered quite on the pricey side, but does it actually work?

To be fair, I’ve only been using it for about a week, so there’s no visible reduction in the crepe papers that are currently surrounding the eyes, but there has been an improvement when it comes to the sandpaper cheeks. As for the C-Section Scar… well, that’s another story.


That area has been largely ignored for the last five years, for the simple reason that I can’t bring myself to touch it for any length of time. Why? Because it feels like I’m gingerly stroking someone else’s stomach. So then I press on the scar to feel something, and there is what can only be described as an electric shock zapping across the abdomen, while nails – bitten to the quick – scratch down a blackboard.

Ironically enough, after the first section, the GP said the area should be massaged thoroughly once healed to stop scar tissue forming. That advice was obviously ignored, unfortunately, meaning the pain after baby number two emerged from the same scar site was absolutely horrendous. The fact that it was deemed acceptable to only dispense paracetamol to someone who’d been sliced open only 24 hours beforehand obviously didn’t help with the pain situation either, but that’s secondary in the long term.

In short, it’d have to be something pretty special in order for me to dig the digits into the lumpy, bumpy mound of jagged flesh and have a good ole rummage, and this find may just be the oil to motivate me to start.

So, in addition to fine lines, hydration and scars, what else does RosehipPLUS help with?

• Reducing the appearance of stretch marks
• Improving the appearance of dry skin
• Promoting skin elasticity and texture
• Repairing sun damaged skin
• Reducing the appearance of skin pigmentation
• Repairing skin tissue as a result of burns

Hey, if it’s good enough for Kate Middleton, wha?!

RosehipPLUS Oil is available from a range of outlets nationwide, including Holland & Barrett, Nourish, and online. 

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