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Mammy’s Easy Peasy 4 Step Pancakes

Let’s be honest, pancakes are just another conduit for Nutella, so don’t be getting bogged down with recipes that call for baking powder, or cinnamon, or anything other than flour, eggs, milk and oil.

1• What you will need in cups and spoons, because who can be dealing with grams. 
• Flour – 100 grams = 3/4 cup
• Eggs – two of them
• Milk –  300ml = just over a cup, 1.2680 of a cup to be exact
• Veg/Sunflower/Rapeseed Oil, whatever you have – one tablespoon (don’t worry, that’s 1.5 dessert spoons)

2 • It’s best to sift the flour into the rest of the mixture to avoid lumps. Ideally, let the batter rest for 30 minutes, but the world isn’t going to fall apart if you start cooking straight away.

3 • The key is to cook on a medium heat with a very lightly oiled pan. Best to swipe the frying pan with kitchen roll to get rid of any excess oil, otherwise it’ll be tricky to flip which could be fierce embarrassing. Cook the pancakes for a minute each side until golden. Deposit the ones you’ve not stuck to the ceiling onto a plate that you have warming on a spare ring (keep on a low heat)

4 •  Keep it simple with lemon wedges and sugar, or just succumb to the Nutella. However, if the childers are insisting on the latter, the rule is they MUST have fruit with that option (sliced apples/raspberries/blueberries/bananas/orange wedges, whatever you have) – IT’S THE LAW.

So that’s it. If you don’t manage to scarf the lot, any pancakes you don’t eat can be frozen. Just place each of them on greaseproof paper and bundle the lot into a freezer bag for a couple of months.


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