Daily Yoga, Midweek Drinking & Money Management…

Indeed it has been an age… but for the last while, several things have been ruminating around the head that need airing. So, without further ado…

1. You WILL finally use those daily yoga sessions you downloaded back at the beginning of January. You will do it every evening after the kids have gone to bed and actively ignore everything else that needs doing.

2. While downing one to two bottles of wine a week instead of the six bottles you were clocking in at last November is progress, your recent introduction of a daily “nightcap” in the form of a giant brandy is obviously not the best idea…

3. The calories you would have consumed in alcohol do not automatically convert to calories you can consume in chocolate.

4. You get paid sporadically. It is the downside to being a freelance writer. Therefore, when you do get paid, don’t spend it all in Sostrene Grene and then wonder how you’re going to feed the family for the next few months.

5. Paint more. It’s therapeutic, so definitely paint more. You know, when you’re not doing all the yoga you’re getting to do after making all the meals, working full time, wiping bums, pretending to update this blog, pretending to shower…

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