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Perpetual Winter Getting You Down? Some Must-See Netflix Documentaries To Keep You Going…

Listen, it’s the Winter that just won’t quit. Even the 5-year-old has taken to sporadically roaring “SUMMER?! HAS ANYONE SEEN SUMMER? I’M LOOKING FOR SUMMER.” The long and the short of it is; if you have no money to go anywhere given the average night out costs in the region of €200 (no, really, it does: transport + dinner + drinks + babysitter = royally screwed).

So, remaining upbeat, let’s kick things off with Chasing Coral

OK, so it’s fiercely depressing given it’s about Planet Earth’s dwindling coral reefs.
What makes it mandatory viewing? We, as relentlessly consuming humans, need to make changes where ever possible to aid climate change. Apologies if my tone is preachy, it’s just wouldn’t it be nice for the kiddies if it didn’t rain 24/7?

Next up is The Keepers

Indeed we are keeping upbeat. No, I’m not joking. While the subject matter is harrowing in the extreme, the women featured have such fortitude, such strength of spirit and such cracking wit, that it’s almost an enjoyable watch. I say enjoyable; you’ll be grappling for any sliver of light considering the content. It’s dark as hell, especially if you’re watching as a survivor.
What makes it a must-see? It exposes the Catholic Church and the lengths its gone to cover up child sex abuse. It also highlights how historical sex abuse manifests itself; it can be buried for decades until memories are triggered by some life event.

Wild Wild Country…

While it’s nigh on impossible to discuss this without giving anything away – chances are you’ve already heard of ‘Osho’. There are so many twists and turns, one minute you’ll be scoffing at the locals and how insular they are, favouring a “cult” over being that bigoted. And then everyone tools up…
What makes it a must-see? Any “seeker” watching will know why it’s a must-see. It highlights elements of what we as humans need to feel whole. And it also highlights sociopathy and rampant megalomania.

The Seven Five…

“He was a crook that ended up wearing a cop uniform…” That’s about the size of this feature-length doc focussing on New York’s infamous Michael Dowd.
What makes it a must-see? Not only does it show how corruptible a police force is, it’s also only a one-off documentary and therefore perfect for your average commitment-phobic viewer, such as yours truly.

The 13th…

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States.” Except it does. It’s rampant in America’s prison systems, where largely African Americans provide cheap labour. Bill Clinton has a lot to answer for…
What makes it a must-see? Please see The Seven Five…

Documentaries not your thing? Maybe one of these little gems will wile away a few evenings…

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