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Mammy’s on Her ‘Holliers’… Sort of…

You may (or may not) have been wondering why there’s been no daily post as promised… You may (or may not) have been thinking “See, that yoke can’t stick to anything”, but please believe me when saying I’ve been searching desperately (mostly because it means I get some time away from actual mammy duties) for wifi while on “holidays.”

Indeed it is the “inverted comma” type of “holiday” considering it involves two children under five, a husband intent on having an actual holiday, and a mother-in-law who would start a heated debate with a wall given half the chance.

While I’m trying to adhere to the resolutions, it’s trickier than one would think, and I’ve fallen at the first hurdle already – especially as it’s a foregone conclusion that meals will be presented every day.

Now that you can rest easy knowing of my whereabouts (presently in the foyer of a three-star aparthotel), we’ll bid adieu for at least another week (mostly because this foyer has all of the ambience of the wall the MIL is currently trying to inadvertently insult.

P.S. If you’re thinking of robbing the gaff back in Dublin, don’t, it’s being airbnb’d and probably playing host to a slew of orgies. And, yes, I’m devo we’re not home to vote this Friday. Convinced the MIL insisted on these dates on purpose… #TogetherForYes

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