Shizzle The 5-Year-Old Said… A Little Mermaid Special

To confirm, I’ve not been on holidays for three weeks, rather it took a week to recover from the holiday. To put it another way; there are still unpacked suitcases in the bedroom.

As ever, it was the firstborn who motivated me to post something. She started banging on about how much she loves Ariel. The Disney princess that’s hard to stomach. In fact, she’s so jarring that Louise O’Neill had to rewrite it. Someone had to, surely?

Leaving the dimensions in which she’s drawn aside; the story most little girls know to date comprises of a mermaid who’s willing to give up absolutely everything she has ever known because her be-all and end-all involved marrying her Prince Charming. Or so I thought…

Enter the five-year-old. Hereafter known as TFYO.

TFYO: “Mammy, I love Ariel.”
Me: “OK. Can you explain the attraction to me, Lara, I just don’t get it.”
TFYO: “She’s got nice hair. She’s cool. She’s a really good swimmer… Why don’t you like her?”
Me: “I just find it a bit sad that she’s giving up everything to get hitched to a fabled prince charming. I just thought she’d have more going on than some bloke being her reason for being.”
TFYO: “But, Mammy, she saved his life. She saved him from the water.”
Me:……. “OK. Yes. Yes, she did because she’s such a good swimmer…. but I still don’t get why she had to leave all her friends and family for some boy.”
TFYO: “But he wasn’t a mermaid, Mammy. How was he going to live under the sea?”
Me (floundering): “But her father was Neptune! I know he didn’t want her to leave, but surely he could’ve done a spell to turn the man she loved into a mermaid… or merman?”
TFYO: “I’m going back in here to dance, Mammy.”

Currently seeing Airel in an entirely new light.

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