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Maza Mia’s Pocket Friendly Risotto in Minutes!

Firstly, this is not a paid advertisement. This is a simple case of my sister picked this up from our local SuperValu and raved about it continuously for an entire evening. And she wasn’t wrong. This is a quick, simple way of packing food into an entire family. The packet says it feeds four, but it feeds five comfortably – as you know, risotto is fierce filling.

Prep time: 20 minutes.

What you’ll need…
• One of the above packets of Maza Mia’s risotto mix. The McGinley clan’s preferred one (and the one questionably pictured below) is the Porcini Mushroom one.
• Full stock cube (any type – veg, chicken, beef, whatever you have knocking around the cupboard)
• Parmesan
• Knob of butter

Added extras
• Prawns, bacon, whatever you have etc, etc.
• Broccoli
• Fist of kale or spinach.
• Capers

1 •
Pour the entire packet into a large frying pan, adding the required amount of stock.
2 • Leave to simmer for 20 minutes.

Now, you could leave it there, or you could fancy things up a bit. In which case…

3 Add chopped broccoli, kale and frozen prawns. You can pick up the latter in Aldi in the freezer section. They come in either Garlic or Thai Chilli, and the big plus with these is you can cook straight from frozen. You could, also, obviously go with fresh prawns but they’re usually more expensive and not something you’d generally have lying about for a last minute family meal.

4 After 20 minutes, add the grated parmesan, a knob of butter, and served immediately garnished with more parmesan and capers if you have them.

Obviously, my photography skillz leave a lot to be desired, but you get the idea…


And the total cost of this meal feeding five people? A measly €6.00.


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