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Mammy’s Refreshing Iced Coffee…

Just think of it… a coffee you don’t have to scald your throat with, in a bid to neck it at an opportune time. In fact, if your hot coffee goes cold, don’t repeatedly slam it into the microwave for 20 seconds, rather add an ice cube and chill, innit.

You will need…
• See that nice green bottle there? That’s from Hickey’s Homestore & More, and cost about a fiver.
• Cold coffee. What every parent has in abundance.
• More sugar than you’d like. Or – if it makes you feel better – honey.
• A dash of milk. If you don’t take milk, try a dash of lemon instead.
• Ice cubes. Lots of ice cubes.


Hot method…
Brew your coffee as usual (I’m a cafetiere fan, less waste *teeters on high horse*).
• Add sugar before it cools entirely as you want the granules to dissolve, obviously.
• Once cool, pour your coffee into your fancy bottle (it helps if it fits in your fridge.
• Chill further in the fridge.
• Whip it out whenever you’re in company, or indeed alone, pour over ice cubes in a glass and add your dash of milk or lemon (never both; curdleadge… ew)

Cold method…
Apparently, this is much nicer as the cold brewing method means it’s much sweeter. Unfortunately, it means leaving your coffee sitting in cold water for up to 12 hours while it defuses, then you plunge it. Who has the patience for that?!
• Repeat the last three previous points.
• Enjoy.

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