‘You Should’ve Asked’: Motherhood and The Motherload…

Do you take on the motherload when it comes to “household management”? Do you work, as well as look after all things kid-related, house-related, and meal-related? Do you feel, sometimes, it’s just quicker to do it yourself than field the ENDLESS questions? Do you feel like it’s killing just a little bit of you as time wears on…? As is the mantra around these parts; You. Are. Not. Alone.

Have a wee read of this, courtesy of The Guardian…

Yes, it does go on a bit, but isn’t that just indicative of how there is no end to the seemingly endless tasks? No end to the mental load? Fear not, there is a way…

A colleague recently shared an amazingly obvious tip regarding the ‘Mental Load’ is to make sure BOTH parents are included in all general WhatsApp and/or email groups set up for their primary school-going kids – footie, GAA, ballet, hockey, class groups, etc, etc.

Whatsapp and email appear to be a necessary evil in today’s world to keep on top of important class stuff (eg changes in class times, venues, homework, dress up [insert other] day, the list goes on). Another tip – turn off the notification pings as there will be many. When both parents are working, if both are on these groups there is less likelihood of both missing the important notifications in the midst of the other stuff you are bombarded with on a daily basis.
Once our second started school I found this essential.  When our first started school it was all new and was just about manageable. When the second child started primary, the work in all of this cranked up another notch, much to my horror. There was a genuine concern that important stuff would be missed so Dad was included and it has worked very well, regarding lifts etc.
Remember, in addition to this, Mums will by default generally be the first point of contact (and usually the only point of contact) for ALL party and play date groups/invitations etc.  Soooo, to keep up with those PLUS work, PLUS “household management”, PLUS class whatsapp/email groups, it can sometimes be a bit much… to put it mildly.  In the words of Barney “Sharing is caring”

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