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Mammy’s P*ss Easy Fish Cakes…

In hindsight, that’s an unfortunate title, but it’s out there now so hey.

As an aside; the likelihood of your kids eating large hunks of fish is nil, so consider this a quick dinner that requires minimal assembly. Or you could flake the fish down so they don’t notice it, up to you.

What will you need for four fishcakes…
• One of those ‘Fish Mix’ packages from the fish aisle, they cost about €2.50 in Lidl
• A load of mashed potato
• Some flour

Optional extras…
• Leeks
• Grated Mozzarella
• Capers
• Sweet chilli sauce
• Spinach/Kale

1 • Boil about four medium-sized potatoes. Add knob of butter, milk (try a squeeze of mayonnaise instead if lactose intolerant), and whatever seasoning you fancy. Leave to cool. So, ideal for leftover mash!

2 • Once cooled, mix the fish and the mash by hand. If you fancy finely chopped leeks and/or peppers, sweetcorn or peas, add them at this point. I also throw in a handful of grated mozzarella and a dash of flour, plus additional seasoning, but it’s not mandatory.

3 • Use a large frying pan, throw in a good dash of oil, and heat.


4 • Sprinkle flour liberally on your hands and shape the mixture into palm-sized cakes, carefully placing each one into the pan as you go.

5 • DO NOT MOVE THEM. Leave them on a medium/high heat for at least eight minutes on one side.

6 • After eight minutes, carefully flip them using a spatula. Once flipped, don’t move them again. Leave them for at least another 8 minutes.


7 • Serve on a bed of spinach and/or Kale (I add both to the pan about three minutes towards the end of cooking) with chilli sauce and a few capers if you have some handy.

8 • If, like me, you get cocky taking the second set out of the pan, you can call it a deconstructed fish pie.


If you don’t eat them all, they’re ideal for freezing. Just make sure you thaw in a fridge 24 hours before consumption.

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