This Mama’s Got Smartz… A Top Tip This Road Safety Week

Picture the scene… you’re trying to haul a baby car seat while juggling a load of bags, a flighty toddler and a tween who needs some sort of screen intervention stat. In short, no one’s listening to you and there’re are cars zipping by – oh, and it’s twilight for 70% of the time for the next six months. Getting kids in and out of cars can be a pain in the hewp. But there is help at hand (apologies)…

As a mum of 3 small boys, Jean McNamara is only too aware of the dangers of taking kids in and out of the car. After having her third child, Jean stepped away from her career as a Management Consultant to be at home with her boys. It was being at home with her kids, and having endless close shaves when carting them in and out of the car, that made Jean search for a solution to the dangers facing kids daily around cars. She couldn’t find one, so she decided to create the solution herself.

“Every time I was loading my kids in and out of the car, I found myself at full stretch, trying to use every limb to keep the kids from bolting out into the path of moving cars. I felt there had to be a better way – especially given this is a challenge that faces parents and care givers on a daily basis. That’s when I came up with Hands On Magnets. The beauty of Hands On Magnets, is that you can pop the magnet onto any area of the car – meaning you can decide where you want the kids to wait, based on where and how you have parked.”

Hands On Magnets are bright and fun magnets that you pop onto the side of the car once you park. These magnets give kids a place to wait while parents unload bags, buggies or other kids from the car. Kids press their hand against the magnet, and wait in a safe spot. They quickly develop the “Hands On Habit”, and learn to stay in a safe spot, without wandering out in front of cars. Kids stay still, safe and in sight, and parents are less stressed. It’s win-win.

Hands On Magnets are made in Tallaght, Dublin, and are available online from and from Giddy Studios in the Dundrum Town Centre.

And, no, I wasn’t paid for this endorsement, it’s just simply a really good idea to keep kids safe.

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