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Mammy’s Refreshing Iced Coffee…

Just think of it... a coffee you don't have to scald your throat with, in a bid to neck it at an opportune time. In fact, if your hot coffee goes cold, don't repeatedly slam it into the microwave for 20 seconds, rather add an ice cube and chill, innit. You will need... • See… Continue reading Mammy’s Refreshing Iced Coffee…

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Maza Mia’s Pocket Friendly Risotto in Minutes!

Firstly, this is not a paid advertisement. This is a simple case of my sister picked this up from our local SuperValu and raved about it continuously for an entire evening. And she wasn't wrong. This is a quick, simple way of packing food into an entire family. The packet says it feeds four, but… Continue reading Maza Mia’s Pocket Friendly Risotto in Minutes!

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To Get My F*€king Ducks in a Row…

For almost a year, I've been tinkering about on this blog, fitting it in whenever possible/the whim took hold. Lately, that's been approximately once a week, which – given this hack used to write approximately 10 posts a day on other websites – isn't quite up to scratch...

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Mammy’s Fake Bakes: 3 Minute Chocolate Chip Cake

The magic of microwaves, eh?! While this isn't the most attractive looking creation, it can be dressed up once cooked and tastes divine. Well, as delicious as a microwaveable cake can taste. Here is what you'll need. And, remember, a tablespoon is 1.5 dessert spoons. • A large enough bowl (a decent breakfast bowl will… Continue reading Mammy’s Fake Bakes: 3 Minute Chocolate Chip Cake


Mammy’s Fake Bakes: DIY Cupcakes

Want to create a cost-effective birthday cake that's 90% icing (you know they only eat the icing) and you don't have to carve into slices while several 5-year-olds circle you at speed? Do stick around, because you've only come to the right place! The first thing you need to do is get yourself to Lidl and… Continue reading Mammy’s Fake Bakes: DIY Cupcakes

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Mammy’s Easy Peasy 4 Step Pancakes

Let's be honest, pancakes are just another conduit for Nutella, so don't be getting bogged down with recipes that call for baking powder, or cinnamon, or anything other than flour, eggs, milk and oil. 1• What you will need in cups and spoons, because who can be dealing with grams.  • Flour – 100 grams… Continue reading Mammy’s Easy Peasy 4 Step Pancakes

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Mammy’s Fake Bakes: ‘Nutoka’ Tartlets

Yep, it's one of "those"superfluous posts. There's a playdate en route. By way of preparation, you've hoovered halfway up the stairs... and rubbed a toddler toilet wipe around the slimy bathroom sink if (God forbid) someone ventures up the half-hoovered stairs. Then the realisation... there's zero treats for the impending herd. You're not hauling everyone… Continue reading Mammy’s Fake Bakes: ‘Nutoka’ Tartlets

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Shizzle The 4-Year-Old Said…

The questions are relentless. RELENTLESS. But I'm trying to soak them up considering that, in roughly nine years time, she probably won't want to converse on any level. So, with that in mind, here's a celebration of what the chislers say before, you know, they cease all form of communication. Apart from texts requesting lifts.… Continue reading Shizzle The 4-Year-Old Said…