There’s only one tool you need in your culinary arsenal – a hand blender… Because you’re about to blitz the bits off an array of things your child would balk at, before surreptitiously smuggling them in their goujons. I know ‘they’ say not to hide kids’ veg, but if they won’t eat it there’s no other way. Another tool you’ll require is the art of bribery. ‘They’ also say it’s not an ideal/effective parenting technique, but experience dictates otherwise.


Stay tuned for such mind-bogglingly difficult recipes including homemade pizza (get them to make their own. It kills 15 minutes), cottage pie, chicken goujons, fish fingers, ‘eggy bread’, and more.

We’ll also be bringing you scintillating mealtime conversational topics such as – “Stop licking your sister”, “Don’t put that up there”, “No one needs to see that”, and “No tongues at the table please.”

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