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Baby Blues or PND… What’s ‘Normal’ & What’s Not

First thing's first - whether it's PND or the Baby Blues, it is all normal. Repeat – it is all normal. What isn't "normal" are new/exacerbated behavioural issues that arise post delivery that last more than two weeks. When the public health nurse called around three days after we got home from the hospital with… Continue reading Baby Blues or PND… What’s ‘Normal’ & What’s Not

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“It’s 10pm. Do You Know Where Your Children Are?”

Of course, you do, it's only Junior Cert Results night and you've phoned them numerous time already. They're staying in yer one's house and everything is under control. You're not stressed. You know your child and they would not do anything stupid. And sure you can track their phone, no biggie...

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Kids in Pubs Post 7pm… Thoughts?

Having spent most of the weekend wandering through the local village during "Lobster Festival" (only in South County Dublin....) and surveying a wealth of ruddy-faced parents jovially clinking glasses while the kids happily glued their eyeballs to a nearby device, I couldn't help "buttwonder"... have I been getting it wrong all along? These people were… Continue reading Kids in Pubs Post 7pm… Thoughts?