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Mammy’s Pie for Pernikity Eaters

Don't know about you, but I'm on a constant quest to just do the minimum - only having to do one dinner for everyone instead of making one at 5pm for the chislers and then again at 8pm for us. This winter warmer can hold smuggled veg, be served differently, and - most importantly -… Continue reading Mammy’s Pie for Pernikity Eaters


Veg Smuggling 101 – Carrot Goujons

Before you start thinking we're all going to batter and deep fry a load of carrots, that's not going to happen. While most kids will only eat things that are swaddled in bread crumbs, most will draw the line at carrots clearly in disguise. So let's disguise them a different way. What you will need...… Continue reading Veg Smuggling 101 – Carrot Goujons