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To Get My F*€king Ducks in a Row…

For almost a year, I've been tinkering about on this blog, fitting it in whenever possible/the whim took hold. Lately, that's been approximately once a week, which – given this hack used to write approximately 10 posts a day on other websites – isn't quite up to scratch...

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Mammy’s Fake Bakes: ‘Nutoka’ Tartlets

Yep, it's one of "those"superfluous posts. There's a playdate en route. By way of preparation, you've hoovered halfway up the stairs... and rubbed a toddler toilet wipe around the slimy bathroom sink if (God forbid) someone ventures up the half-hoovered stairs. Then the realisation... there's zero treats for the impending herd. You're not hauling everyone… Continue reading Mammy’s Fake Bakes: ‘Nutoka’ Tartlets

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Baby Blues or PND… What’s ‘Normal’ & What’s Not

First thing's first - whether it's PND or the Baby Blues, it is all normal. Repeat – it is all normal. What isn't "normal" are new/exacerbated behavioural issues that arise post delivery that last more than two weeks. When the public health nurse called around three days after we got home from the hospital with… Continue reading Baby Blues or PND… What’s ‘Normal’ & What’s Not

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Mammy’s Stir-Fry Marinade – for Chicken, Pork, Beef, Prawns, Tofu, Veg….

Firstly, that header image is clearly a stock photo - I had meant to take a pic of the finished product but forgot entirely as had a major case of the h'anger.  There are prep pics, however, and that's the main thing. OK - you could purchase ready-made stir-fry or Teriyaki sauces for years and… Continue reading Mammy’s Stir-Fry Marinade – for Chicken, Pork, Beef, Prawns, Tofu, Veg….

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Going to Tayto Park? A Few Things You Should Know

After drowning in a suspension of despair for most of last week (meds not working/ hormones/cabin fever/full moon/who knows), I'd promised an AMAZING weekend to the 4-year-old on Saturday as she'd been housebound for all eternity. The only thing getting her (and me by extension) through the week was tunnel vision regarding a fun fair.… Continue reading Going to Tayto Park? A Few Things You Should Know


Mammy’s Mystery Meatloaf

Why is it mysterious? Because it started life as a more traditional meatloaf and it's transformed into something far tastier and less heavy than a slab of minced meat, pork sausages and onion sitting in yer gut. Plus it looks a lot more appetising... well, as appetising as a brick of minced meat can be.… Continue reading Mammy’s Mystery Meatloaf

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Mammy’s Mini Roast in Minutes

Yep, minutes. Not in like 5 minutes or anything, I'm not Donal Skehan (and there's salmonella to consider), but if yous have a bit of extra time of a Sunday and want to magic up a roast out of... 1) Chicken Breasts 2) Potatoes 3) Whatever veg you have languishing about ... this is for… Continue reading Mammy’s Mini Roast in Minutes

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Baby-Led Weaning: A How-To Guide

What you will need... 1) A baby aged approximately six months. 2) Appropriately sized pieces of food, raw (avocado, banana,) or cooked (steamed carrots, chicken etc). 3) A rake load of kitchen roll. 4) A daycent pair of knees on ye. And that's about it. Deliberate flippancy aside, that is all you need. It's so simple… Continue reading Baby-Led Weaning: A How-To Guide