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Corrie’s Suicide Storyline…

"What a waste. He had the world at his feet, really... And a big dark cloud hanging over his head that none of us could see." That face... That face right there. That's the face of someone who does not want to be here anymore. The face of someone who laughs, smiles, jokes when they're… Continue reading Corrie’s Suicide Storyline…

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Did You Know That Today is #MaternalMentalHealthDay? #NoShame #RealMotherhood

Well, it is. In fact, it's #MaternalMentalHealthWeek all week (Monday, April 30th – Friday, May 4th), but understandably it's flying under most Irish Mammy's radars what with the Cervical Check scandal, and the plethora of Anti-Choice propaganda being thrust into eyeballs at every turn. So what is Maternal Mental Health Day all about? It's an… Continue reading Did You Know That Today is #MaternalMentalHealthDay? #NoShame #RealMotherhood


Mammy to Partake in ‘First Fortnight’ Panel

Not just this mammy. Presumably, there'll be lots of mammies attending Gilly O'Shea's play Sally Denver Matthews, Sleep Deprived Mother given it'll resonate with the legion of sleep-deprived parents out there not taking care of themselves during this, the darkest two weeks for many. Fear not, for First Fortnight has returned again this year to challenge… Continue reading Mammy to Partake in ‘First Fortnight’ Panel


Did World Mental Health Day Get Everybody Talking?

Indeed we Irish are entering the final hours of World Mental Health Day. Hopefully, it's opened up a dialogue amongst the greater public who probably weren't surprised to hear that one in four of us will experience a mental health issue in our lifetime. One if four of us were also sexually abused as children, so… Continue reading Did World Mental Health Day Get Everybody Talking?